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We lay down our hearts in our Wine

Bagomoyo hibiscus wines, as well as all of our products, are produced under current certification and in full accordance with the Tanzanian Government’s rules and regulations governing food and beverage production. Smoke House Stores proudly uses only natural ingredients in our consumable products without the use of any insecticides or pesticides.


Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) has been on the Swahili Coast for a very long time – some say that the flower originated here in East Africa. Here the hibiscus calyces was once only used to make hot or cold tea mainly on Zanzibar which is nearby to Bagamoyo. Tanzanian people’s local alcohol drinks are made mainly from bananas or honey. Hibiscus alcoholic drinks are also made in the villages but not fermented properly and not for a long enough time. Bagamoyo hibiscus wine is made with correct methods and many local people now love our wines. I am proud to produce Bagamoyo hibiscus wines and our family is very happy to make this business. We have hired and taught many people our knowledge with workshops on how to use the hibiscus plant properly and with other improved planting methods. The hibiscus plant has many medicinal benefits especially helping people’s blood circulation.
Bagamoyo in Swahili means to lay down your heart. We lay down our heart to you at Bagamoyo Wine. Karibuni!

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Growing up in Texas the only hibiscus flower I knew we called the Texas Star and it grew mainly in swamps. Who would have had ever thought I would end up making wine from the African version of this little flower in Tanzania all these years later? But it all makes sense when you think about it: We have been living in Bagamoyo, Tanzania for over 10 years now and it was about six years ago when I first spotted what I thought was the Texas Star growing right there natural in our backyard. I had tried some hibiscus wine back home some years ago and for decades had always made my own homemade wine with wild mustang grapes in Texas… Bam! My destiny became clear and Bagamoyo hibiscus wines were born. Through the many trials and the many more errors, the fruit of our labours finally went public in the summer of 2013 and I can now proudly and wholeheartedly welcome you to try Bagamoyo hibiscus wines: A tasty little Texas Star from the heart of Tanzania.

Watch how we produce Bagamoyo Wine: