Hibiscus Products

Seeds, tea, juice… We’ve got it all!

Renown for their flavor, colour, tanginess and medicinal properties, hibiscus is much more than simply a tea, juice or wine.

– Hibiscus is easily ground to become a vibrant food colouring,

– Adds wonderfully into soups and salads.

– Mixes easy into delicious sauces or for cream pies, cakes, candies, jams, syrup and vinegar. Hibiscus Is perfect as used for a garnish.

– Hibiscus sabdariffa is used in natural hair colouring or, after being boiled with coconut or sesame oil, makes for an excellent scalp and hair rejuvenation lotion.

– Hibiscus also contains proven skin care moisturising properties.

Bagamoyo hibiscus juice is made with 100% natural hibiscus calyces mixed with spring water.

Our dried hibiscus sabdariffa is packaged in 100g packets.